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Philadelphia based makers of responsible, durable goods. For each product we sell,
we remove 1 pound of trash from our oceans & waterways. #bluemovement #explorePA
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    Photo of the day: Loggerhead sea turtles get new lease on life
    A crowd observes one of two endangered loggerhead sea turtles make its way across the sandy beach into the water on March 13 at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne, Fla. The pair of 10-year-old turtles, named Eve and Grinch, underwent rehabilitation at the Miami Seaquarium after being found sick and covered in barnacles and parasites about two months ago.

    (Source: unitedbyblue.com)

    [Photo Credit: Green Sea Turtle - Maui, Hawaii by Barra1man (catching up)]

    Sea Turtles are super cool! We happen to like them more than honey badgers here at United By Blue. Don’t believe us?

    Here are some fun facts about Sea Turtles from TheJungleStore.com

    Fun Sea Turtle Facts

    • Many beachside residents in the United States are required, by law, to douse their lights during nesting season. Scientists believe that hatchlings need to follow reflected moonlight and starlight to find the sea. If human light pollution dims nature’s beacon, the hatchlings become disoriented and won’t reach the safety of the ocean.

    • In 1991, an estimated 610,000 Olive Ridley turtles nested in a single week on a beach in India.

    • Sea turtle populations are difficult to count because juveniles and adult males do not come ashore.

    • Sea turtles (like other turtles) have no teeth, but the jaw of each species is specifically designed for its food source.

    • Sea turtles hear vibration more than sound as we know it. Their eyesight underwater is good, and they have an excellent sense of smell.

    And this one time, during Shark Week, I saw a turtle attack a shark and the shark swamp away. True story.

    (Source: unitedbyblue.com, via onceuponawildflower)