United By Blue
Philadelphia based makers of responsible, durable goods. For each product we sell,
we remove 1 pound of trash from our oceans & waterways. #bluemovement #explorePA
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  • womanbythesea:

    After a spilled milk incident in my usual work bag, I finally got to break out my United By Blue bag, and goodness I wish I did earlier. It fits all my writing for work, the large amount of food I always carry with me, and my enormous water bottle (does anyone else have to feed and water themselves constantly?). 

    womanbythesea making our Margo look fantastic! love to hear all what’s inside — what do you carry in your United By Blue bag? #bluemovement


    I would love to treat myself to a new bag that I can sling to and from work (my backpack just isn’t cutting it), and I am in love with the collection at United By Blue.

    The finalists are The Dorset Tote, McKenzie Tote, or the Lakeland Laptop Bag. We all know I love a nice tote, but I am more in love with nice totes that also have shoulder straps. Exterior pockets are a must in my model of the world. The Lakeland Laptop Bag is in the running because who doesn’t love a sturdy, classic-looking laptop bag that looks great in the office or traipsing around the city.

    All of the bags look like they get better with age, and can take serious punishment because I carry my life in my bags and am not in the market for a sensitive briefcase or tote.

    Plus, portions of purchases made through United By Blue go towards clean-up efforts for waterways and oceans. Which is pretty awesome.

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