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Philadelphia based makers of responsible, durable goods. For each product we sell,
we remove 1 pound of trash from our oceans & waterways. #bluemovement #explorePA
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  • kellyelainesmith:

    Our insanely talented graphic design intern and her parting gift to the flagship store #killingit #insideubb

    We are lost without her! If you’re studying Graphic Design, living in the Philadelphia area, looking to do awesome things like the above, don’t mind drinking an endless amount of free organic coffee all day and playing with dogs, then apply to be our Graphic Design Intern at United By Blue!

    Internships at UBB

    Internships at UBB are about getting a real and meaningful experience.


    They’re about taking the lead on projects of your own conception and about learning what it means to grow a business. When you intern at UBB, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a closely knit team of entrepreneurial do-ers. You’ll learn how to balance a brand with a social mission and about all the moving parts that turn an idea into a business.

    Our positions vary across a wide spectrum, from graphic design to small business development, from marketing to cleanup planning.  We look for current college students or recent graduates with a background in their chosen position, but candidates with an entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit and can-do attitude are far more valuable.

    Internships are currently unpaid, but some interns do go on to become paid employees when positions are available. And by the end of the semester, you’ll leave UBB with professional experience, a deep portfolio, 
and, for the best interns, great references at UBB.

    Learn more

    Graphic Design Internship at United By Blue

    What You’ll Do:
    You’ll work closely with Katharine and Alli to generate new content and communicate the brand and mission. Here is a sampling of the kinds of projects that we are working on, and there will be new additions to this list as we march on toward the holiday season. At UBB, we believe that interns should contribute in real and meaningful ways, and so we assign only real and meaningful projects. The only time you’ll get coffee is if you want some.

    • Design images to promote products on company site, blog, social media outlets, and in email marketing campaigns
    • Ensure that all imagery is appropriately branded in line with UBB brand guidelines
    • Design posters to promote cleanup events
    • Design promotional material for in-store events with retail partners and cleanups
    • Create versatile designs that can be used for both print and web
    • Develop and layout trade show catalogs

    Who You Are
    We prefer to work with collaborative, eager-to-learn students and recent graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset and positive attitude rather than someone who fits a cookie cutter list of qualifications. We hope that you possess some combination of the following skills and experiences, plus a little something special unique to you.

    • You are a college student or recent graduate
    • You have studied graphic design, typography, interaction design, web design, or a related discipline in school
    • You understand the differences between print and web design and how to design for both mediums
    • You are proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and have a strong portfolio to show us
    • Ideally, you have some experience with HTML5 and CSS, but these skills are not required
    • You are an avid reader of design blogs and enjoy staying abreast of the latest in design trends

    Learn more and/or Apply here: http://www.unitedbyblue.com/internships

    “Working at UBB was an amazing experience. Because the company has a unique mission and is still in its startup phase, there’s a lot of room for new ideas.”

    "UBB is so young that there’s bound to be hundreds of opportunities that it hasn’t yet explored. The environmental nature of the company also allows for collaboration and promotion that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Possibly the greatest aspect is that you will not only be allowed, but expected, to work on the ideas and projects that you generate. It’s a marketing major’s dream: not only are you spreading awareness and selling products for a very cool company, you’re also spreading knowledge and power towards a greater movement. It’s amazing to be part of something bigger than yourself, and working at UBB allows you to be just that." -Kenneth Taylor

    Learn more about United By Blue Internships

    "The opportunity to intern at United by Blue is one not to be missed!"

    "As a Product Development intern,  I was able to work alongside fellow interns and coworkers to design and edit for upcoming seasons.  This allowed me to utilize my current design skills while also learning how to successfully run a business and interact professionally with clients.  Not only did I acquire many skills, but also had a fantastic time while doing so! The office environment is very welcoming and everyone is willing to help if you have a question or concern.  I am confident that the hands-on experience gained through my internship will continue to help me grow in my future endeavors.  And my personal recommendation is to attend a cleanup!  It was definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of my internship." -Tabitha Giuliano

    Learn more about United By Blue Internships

    "United By Blue is a friendly work environment where everyone can count on lending a hand and voicing opinion."

    "I’m confident going into the job market after working with UBB because I learned how to collaborate with others, improve problem solving skills on marketing issues, and gained a better understanding of the social and sustainable space in retail. I’m excited to show off my internship to other employers, but I’m really excited about the skills that I picked up and can use in my everyday life. It was a great experience and the contacts I’ve made are more than just business."
    -Zachary Coss

    Learn more about United By Blue Internships

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