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A sustainable outdoor lifestyle apparel brand based in Philadelphia
with a focus on ocean and waterway conservation.
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  • Local Philadelphia printmaker Nicole Didusch is inspired by the unforgiving and patient process of woodcarving. She creates her intricate designs “from mathematical tessellation patterns; I find that on an equal plane with nature.”

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    Adventure Bound is a series featuring artisans, explorers and innovators that inspire all of us at United By Blue.

    Volunteer Voices: Sam Mayer

    Where do you work?
    I work at Anthropologie in the Philadelphia Navy Yard as an assistant web producer. This is a brand new job, and I was at Apple for the last three years. 
    What are your hobbies?
    I live in Fitler Square, so I take full advantage of the fantastic Schuylkyll River trail. I spend my free time outdoors as much as possible - running, walking, or biking on the trail on beautiful days. I also love reading, yoga, and good food and good beer. The Philly food scene is a national treasure! 
    How often do you volunteer?
    Not as often as I’d like! 
    What motivated you to come to the cleanup? 
    One Sunday, my boyfriend and I stopped into the new UBB store in Old City, drawn to the aesthetic of the small business and store front. Coincidentally, the store had just opened the day prior. Brian and his wife were super friendly and excited about their mission and invited us to the cleanup that Tuesday. I was inspired by their passion for UBB and the cleanups. I’ve cleaned up neighborhood roadways in the past with my dad, and it’s both rewarding and entertaining. (Some of the things you find on the side of the road I don’t know what people are thinking!) Now that I live in the city, I thought what a perfect opportunity to give back and clean up.

    What was your overall impression of the cleanup?
    Trash can be fun! All of the volunteers were having fun cleaning up the community, making friends and doing the right thing. Most common items: empty beer cans, plastic water bottles, chip bags, and Wawa bags. We only spent about two hours and it made a great, visible difference at FDR Park. It was inspiring to see what an impact we made, but also disturbing to see how much garbage people leave in our backyard waterways and rivers. There’s an infinite amount of work to be done - and every bit counts! I left with a really positive impression of both the mission and the team.
    Would you recommend our cleanup to a friend? If so, why? 
    Absolutely! It was a laid back and well-organized cleanup with friendly people and great supplies. I learned about our planet’s enormous waste emergency and saw first-hand how waste gets trapped and accumulates. The UBB team also organizes friendly contests, including most bizarre trash item.
    Any tips, tricks, or advice for people thinking of coming to a UBB cleanup?
    Don’t think, just do! There’s nothing to think about - UBB has planned everything for you, how awesome! The outreach manager shared great directions, so the location was easy to get to, even by subway - so that’s no excuse! Definitely wear pants and closed-toe shoes. UBB supplied the gloves, bug spray, water, and pizza! Bring a friend or come solo (like I did) - there are plenty of people to work with! I found a jackpot in the cattails around Meadow Lake - over 30 bottles and cans! It’s a free way to feel good and do good! 

    “ Going local does not mean walling off the outside world. It Means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages and serve primarily local consumers. It means becoming more self-sufficient and less dependant on imports. Control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back into the community where it belongs. ”

    —    Michael H. Shuman

    (Source: greenupgrader.com)

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