United By Blue
Philadelphia based makers of responsible, durable goods. For each product we sell,
we remove 1 pound of trash from our oceans & waterways. #bluemovement #explorePA
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  • kvtes:


    Wander, in every regard; mentally, physically, emotionally… Even out of someone’s window and into their courtyard, hanging on the window sill sometimes?

    Miss you and your place kvtes I love you

    thankful that the last real weekend i had in my old place was spent with
    , and
    . missing the morning laziness of all of us cuddling up in bed, coffee dates where we pour out freakin’ hearts out, walks to the neighborhood pizza place for beers + pizza on the dreamy patio, and laying on my kitchen floor with wine and blankets while we laugh hysterically. i love and miss you ladies so much it hurts!

    {above postcard from: unitedbyblue // unitedbyblue.com}
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