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  • New-Found Hammerhead Shark Species Already Under Threat .


    Over the last three decades scalloped hammerhead sharks have been fished and finned to near extinction, their numbers dropping around 95 percent across the world, though the recent discovery of a newly documented ‘twin’ species means this tragedy is actually two-fold.

    As if the long-term outlook for scalloped hammerheads were not grim enough, researchers say that finding a look-alike species suggests that past marine censuses had likely inflated the figures of their already dwindling population. This new species, as yet unnamed, was first discovered off the coast of Nova Scotia in 2005, and was thought to be a localized variant. 

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    This is horrible. Just beyond horrible. In the words of our tech producer, “I’ve walked out of restaurants who serve shark’s fin soup.”

    Personally, I’ve never looked, but I certainly will now.

    US Shark Fin Soup Appalling and Widespread

    We gathered 51 samples from restaurants in 14 cities and found one made from the fin of a scalloped hammerhead, which is endangered. We discovered samples containing fin of vulnerable and near-threatened species, including bull, smooth hammerhead, school, spiny dogfish and copper sharks.

    I am a shark attack survivor, but I appreciate the importance of these predators for the health of the ocean. I have dedicated my life to helping them.

    Would you eat tiger soup? Of course not. It’s a species facing extinction. But if you eat shark fin soup, you could hasten the demise of animals facing a similar plight, because nearly a third of all shark species are in peril.

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    Shark Finning is a huge issue in The Blue Movement. We even made a video to help inform people as to why it’s so damaging. You can see that here. Learn more about The Blue Movement



    Presenting the World’s Slowest Shark

    He can still catch seals, but he has to sneak up on them when while they’re asleep. Maybe he’s just not in a hurry?

    “We think that the slow speed of Greenland sharks might be due to low water temperature in the Arctic Ocean,” lead author Yuuki Watanabe of the National Institute of Polar Research told Discovery News.

    The shark in the photo has a data logger on his back so they can learn more about these slowpokes.

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    All about Greenland sharks, the world’s slowest shark. 

    And I thought we were having a slow week … jk.

    ~ United By Blue


    Shark Week is coming up right after the Olympics!!


    A Great White Shark Attack in Slow Motion

    Phantom camera capturing amazing slow motion shark attack footage.

    Video: ITM Instruments

    Ed note: The secrets of a shark attack revealed. Also, the Shark Week Tumblr is pretty fantastic and definitely worth a follow.

    Shark Week is a time honored tradition and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love watching it. But it’s important to remember who the real predators are and why sharks are so important to our world.

    UBB Defines Sharkfinning

    Read more: An Unfair Perception Part 1: The Human Attitude Toward Sharks

    Infographic: Who Has More to Fear - Man or Shark? (via SurfMeisters)

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